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Bonjour Paris!

Return to France

After several years of surviving on memories, photographs, blog posts and FaceBook communications with fellow Francophiles, I am finally returning to France!

Paris Faye 2 030

Each trip I have taken to France has been unforgettable – for different reasons.  This visit is shaping up to be incredible.

Firstly I will be travelling with my best friend and life partner, Neil.  This will be his first experience of France and I am so so excited about showing him what has created my deep and passionate love of Paris.

Paris Meet Up

Secondly, we have arranged to meet up with one of my treasured FaceBook buddies in Paris  – Ann Jeanne.

Ann is a talented photographer, videographer and writer. She creates beautiful stories about her city – PARIS.

When you are lucky enough to visit Paris, Ann will be your friend in Paris and take you on an enchanting walk to her favourite places.

You can take a peek at her work here: 

Neil and I will record a story with Ann, to be included in our series “Village to Villa – living like locals”.

We will keep you posted!


Ile de la Cité

Waking Up in Paris!

Because this is Neil’s first experience of this exquisite city, I have booked us into a hotel that I love.

Hotel de Nice is quintessentially Parisian!  When you wake up and look around your room, there is no other place you could possibly be, but Paris.  This mid-range hotel is brilliantly situated in one of my favourite areas – la Marais which means no matter where you walk from the front door – you will find something amazing.

de nice bedroom

AND… then there is the food.  Expect some surprises – prepare to be bold in what you taste and you may be very pleasantly surprised!

Bon appetit!

Weds 7 Sept 2011 139

PARIS is the first stop on our “Village to Villa” tour of France, the UK and Italy. We will be living like locals – house and pet sitting until Christmas.  We are documenting our experiences and producing our own television series “VILLAGE TO VILLA”.

Don’t miss a thing – FOLLOW OUR JOURNEY  on this link  VILLAGE TO VILLA



  1. Ooh how exciting, not long now!

    I agree with “prepare to be bold” in what you taste – I tried my first salade de gesiers in Paris and I was really pleasantly surpised! I was also very taken with boudin noir (something I never thought I’d try), so much so that there is a recipe in my head I want to re-create!

    Can’t wait to read and watch all your adventures 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to start sharing your adventure! I’m ready to go!

Please share your thoughts on anything French. Merci

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