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travel stories from France by Gai Reid

Paris – always a good idea!

And in Paris we will be – this time next week.

We may be dazed by jet-lag but the energy and beauty of Paris will still be intoxicating.
de nice bedroom
Neil is a “Paris Virgin” and I can’t wait to show him why I am so in love with this enchanting city.

Our plan is to be out and about, photographing and being dazzled by the history and the beauty that surrounds us. Being the end of winter, the trees will mostly be bare – giving us a clear view of the incredible detail on the architecture and as much warmth as possible from the sun.

Porte Saint Denis 1


We have made plans to meet up with one of my treasured FaceBook friends, Ann Jeanne.

Ann is a very talented photographer and writer. She loves her city and shares her encounters on line.  Neil and I will be dining with Ann and two of her Parisian friends. They are taking us to a traditional French brasserie with some very juicy history!

 We will be living like locals in Paris !

If you are a fan of the novelist Hemingway – who lived in Paris during his younger years – you will enjoy this.

We have plenty of adventures planned for our time in France.

After our warm up in Paris, Neil and I will head south, first to visit friends in the village of Bellac, then on to our first house and pet sitting assignment in France.

You can follow our encounters with French life on our site called “Village to Villa”  living like locals

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Pont Alexandre III, Paris

Pont Alexandre III, Paris


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