Is travel the magic elixir for healing?

Could you recover from devastating loss in a foreign land?

How could a trip to Paris heal an emotional wound?

postcard flower barrowpostcard-Gare-de-Lyon

 At any one time, the estimated number of passengers flying in an aircraft is 600,000 – some of those are on their way to experiencing the awesome healing powers of being in a foreign country.

Most of us have experienced the restorative properties of a holiday. A couple of weeks in Fiji or a few days in Bali can reinvigorate a sluggish body and attitude. Health is frequently improved because of travel. Removing the stress in our life is often impossible, so the life must be removed from the stress on order to recover.

A physical journey can also clear the path for an emotional journey to emerge. Leaving your daily familiarity and giving yourself new and stimulating experiences can be the portal to understanding, acceptance and recovery from loss.

This is exactly how I healed my grief after the tragic death of my mother and soon after, the passing of my grandmother. Returning to France, a place where I had previously experienced a short two days of absolute bliss, gave me the gateway to begin the recovery process.

As I explored new and familiar parts of France, I dug into their history for colour, context and meaning that ultimately led to understanding, forgiveness and peace.

“Postcards from France” is my story of how the sensual powers of this essentially feminine country, healed a profound loss of love, identity and place. From Paris to Provence, Brittany and the Loire Valley, my stories of French experiences move through the ages taking you from the sublime to the repugnant, the humorous to the poignant. My hope is that by sharing my story, others will find the peace and tranquillty that can be found in an unfamiliar, fascinating and nourishing new location.

If you have experienced this incredible healing power of travel, please leave me a comment to share YOUR story.