There are few places I’d rather be than in Paris.  OK maybe an enchanting village in Provence, or in the magical Loire Valley, possibly Lyon. The list goes on and on an on.


There IS a way that you can see this captivating country, WITHOUT the cost of hotel accommodation and WITH all the comforts of home.  Someone else’s home.

Lagny sur Marne 025 SLR Thorigny 12 slr

To know what it’s really like to live in a country with a different culture and possibly a different language, you must move into someone else’s home and live like the locals.

And THAT is exactly what you can do when you become a HOUSE SITTER.  You will be living free in a home, with the benefits that brings – like a kitchen and a washing machine! Usually you can connect to the owner’s wifi, tune in to the pay TV and live as they do.  You will most likely be asked to take care of their property and most importantly their animals.

This is the reason most people seek out a house sitter.  They don’t want to put their pets into care while they’re away from home.

Millie LR Bonnie 2


My  partner Neil and I have become house sitters and plan to spend 12 months house sitting in 4 countries.  Most people we tell have the same reply.  “That’s fantastic!  Can we come too?”

Of course you can!  We want you to follow us on our incredible adventure. AND there’s more. As we travel, we are recording our experiences, the people we meet, the dogs we get to know and anything we think is awesome  – and we’re making a TV series. “Village to Villa – living like locals”  is about to begin production.  You can come on the journey too.

Interested in knowing the details?    Head to our website and become part of the crew.