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Living Like Locals in France….

and Italy…and the UK….and Australia.

In fact just about anywhere in the world where the people know about house sitting.

Bonjour fellow France fans – I’ve been very quiet over the past few months – for a really good reason. My partner Neil and I have been putting together an amazing project and it involves FRANCE!! It’s called “Village to Villa – living like locals”. Over the coming year, we plan to house sit through 4 countries and produce a television series about our experiences. We are doing all of the jobs except editing! After 3 weeks in the gorgeous Adelaide Hills we’ve fallen in love with village life and want to stay. But we will be doing that lot I expect, as we move to more amazing locations. Next March, we head to France. Our first stop is a tiny weeny hamlet near a small village 30 mins from Limoges. More on that when we arrive. Take a look at our project on – LIKE our Facebook page by the same name and join us, we’d love to share this ambitious and fantastic journey and hope to inspire many more to do the same thing. What a great way to see the world from a REAL life perspective.
AND can you believe we discovered this French chateau style villa just a few blocks from where we are staying in the Adelaide Hills!
Have you ever thought about House Sitting?


  1. Wow, how exciting! Best of luck with the series. I’ve never house sat before. If I did, I’d sure love to stay in some of the homes you are!

  2. Bonne chance biloutes! Great way to see the country, the world, and different lifestyles. Never outside my natal Northern Ireland, but used to do a lot of house and doggy sitting, before i moved to Chez les Ch’tis. I was popular as had bit of OCD when younger and even took my own cleaning products with me! Hope you have a great time and enjoy the changes of scenery. Bon weekend.

  3. Life has to continue as normal – or else they win jeune demoiselle, as I know well from my former homeland, of Northern Ireland. I hope you enjoy every second as I do, living among the wonderful crazy people of this wonderful country. At a neighbours birthday party last night (and I’m sociophobic!), and very surprisingly most of the company understood, or at least worked out what the heck i was waffling on about, despite my terrible grammar (most French think i am talking about Grand Mere, with the accent!) and weird faux French accent. I explained after over four years living in the wild north in the 59, “Chez les Ch’tis”, I am not Irish or French, but Ch’tirlandais now! Bon fin du weekend biloute, et bon courage pour le nouveau adventure “Dora l’Exploratice”! Mdr. x

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