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Welcome to POSTCARDS from FRANCE  – a little slice of French indulgence that we can share every day!

Unlike tarte au citron or croissant aux amandes, this indulgence will not make your trousers tighter, but it will make you think of Paris!  When you become a subscriber, you will belong to a group of people from all over the world, who share the dream of a life in France.

Does just the THOUGHT of being in Paris fill you with inexplicable joy?  Does the idea of living in a French village, eating cheese and pâté for lunch, drinking a glass of Pinot Noir each evening with your coc au vin sound enticing?

I have those feelings every day when I look at the map of Paris that hangs on my wall above my desk. I am so utterly excited by the mere idea of living out my fantasy life in France, that I search for others who share my devotion.

There’s no place I would rather be than in France and I love to share that feeling. It could be buying fresh figs at the markets of a small village in Provence. Or becoming totally lost in the small streets of the Marais or the Latin Quarter of Paris. There is always something amazing around the corner, an experience you will hold forever.

I will take you there.

I will send you my own stories, or posts from others writers and photographers, who share this inexplicable attachment to all things French. Some of them ARE French!

Become a member of “Postcards from France” and you’ll always have a French indulgence that will bring some sunshine into your day.

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I would love to hear why YOU love France, story requests and perhaps you would even consider sharing by writing a guest post?






  1. When I read that an estimated half a million people will be on a plane at any one moment in time, I thought, yes that will be me in 6 days. And of course I, my husband and our sixteen year old granddaughter will be tripping over to France for eight glorious weeks. This will be the third time we have been and each time I love it more. There is something magic about France, its people, the food and wine and oh all of that history around every corner. Coming into Spring we will see the fields Poppies, it is the essence of the South of France. We will travel by car from Paris to The Lot, Provence and way up North to Villers Bretteneaux for the 100 years commemoration of Anzac Day. Maybe my love of France comes from a feeling of belonging somehow, my grandfather fought in WW1 and is buried in Armentieres.

    I am looking forward to seeing more of the countryside this time including wonderful gardens in magnificent chateaux, strolling through enticing markets in medieval towns such as Sarlat, but most of all just soaking up the atmosphere in a village square each day to enjoy a glass of rose with the plat du jour or perhaps a cafe gourmand. Magnifique!

    And to top it off we will travel to the city of light, Paris, where there is always something wonderful to see and delight in. I plan to do a patissiere course, ride a bike through the city, shop with my granddaughter for something tres chic and see as many sights asossible at night when Paris really is at is most beautiful.

    • Heather thank you for your lovely comments. I am so excited for you, heading off to Paris so soon! I would like to publish this as a guest post if you have no objections?

  2. I am so happy to find this site because I too love France and of course, Paris. It was always a dream of mine and my mothers to maybe one day actually go to France and in 2011 we did just that. My mother was 80 years young at the time and it was our dream come true. Our ancestor was born Paris in 1842, in Belleville so we went to the Archives and found his birth record. What a thrill. When we arrived in Paris that first time, we both burst into tears, we were so thrilled to actually be there. We have been back once since that first trip, bringing my daughter with us and she loved Paris too! How could you not! I look forward to this site and it gives me a break in my day to do a bit of daydreaming. My daughter and I are planning a 2016 trip to celebrate her 30th and my 60th. We can’t wait!

  3. I was an au pair girl in Paris after high school, so that city and the country will always have a special place in my heart. I recently went back to Paris for a few days, and even though it’s been over two decades since I’d visited, it was like it was only months ago. What a treat to walk its streets again.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Much appreciate!

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