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I have been in love with Paris in particular, France in general – for as long as I can remember. It took ages for us to meet! But when we did, it was un coup de foudre – absolute love at first sight! It was New Year’s Eve 1999. I have spent many weeks in France since then, and each time –  I erupt with happiness just to be there.

Caretaker's cottage at Chenonceau Seine

My name is Gai Reid and I am a story teller. I love Berthillon ice cream from the Ile-Saint-Louis, proper chocolate and almond croissant.  Mozart sends me into raptures, I can’t resist Art Deco jewellery and I’m in remission from a long term shoe addiction.  I’m an art /culture/history geek and I can’t figure out why I wasn’t born in France.  It feels like home.

Paris Faye 2 056Gare de l'Est clock 1

In primary school I was constantly snapped back into the classroom by the teacher. I was off on little adventures in my head. But I avoided writing, believing my creative skills were all about art and needlework.

I studied Graphic Design which led me to the television industry. I was soon seduced by production, working on factual programs including documentaries. I developed my writing skills and discovered the value of research.

Ile St.Louis cafe 3

Since my first visit to France, I have read a ton of books and blogged bout France, sharing my photos and my stories. I’ve written travel features for magazines and newspapers. What really makes me sparkle is finding the right words and framework to share the joy that fills me so utterly when I am hearing the French language, absorbing the history, staring at the art and architecture, relishing the food and wine or just walking in Paris.

Writing about France, creating a mini-movie on the page is now what keeps me invigorated until I can board another flight for Charles de Gaulle Paris to collect more stories to share.

Fri 16 Sept 063

When I’m not dreaming about France, I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia with my adorable partner. Neil is also a writer and I have convinced him how awesome it will be when we spend serious time traveling around France later this year 🙂


  1. Richard Murias

    June 3, 2014 at 6:12 pm

    Best wishes with the new website. J’aime votre travail.

  2. Gai. Good going on the new website. No clever French saying to offer but excited to discover.

    Cheers Neil M McLean

  3. “I can’t figure out why I wasn’t born in France …”
    Hi Gai, when I returned from living in France to Sydney, a girlfriend described me as a Frenchwoman born in Australia. How is it that so many of us who feel this way? I love finding new blogs on France and am looking forward to having a poke around here!
    Regards, Catherine

    • bonjour Catherine, as you can see from my stories, I feel the same way!! I am currently IN FRANCE, with my partner Neil. We are house and pet sitting in a 300 year old farm house near a village called Coussac Bonneval. There is an abandoned Chateau 5 mins away, where we walk the dogs and it’s picture perfect even if it is still quite cold. You may enjoy our stories on my other blog site for our “Village to Villa” project.

      bonne chance ! and thank you for your lovely comment.

      • Yes, I am looking forward to the photos and stories as you travel. Please feel free to have a wander over to my blog (But you are in France, Madame) in your spare time. I lived for several years in the Alps on the Annecy Lake. If you get a chance to visit Annecy (maybe on your way up from Cannes to Normandie) it is worthwhile. A bientôt !

Please share your thoughts on anything French. Merci

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