Member of the International Writers and Photographers Alliance

Member of the  International Writers and Photographers Alliance

For those of you who like a longer story, I’d like to share these features…

French Provincial Magazine:    Heaven on Heels – shopping for shoes in Paris

French Provincial Magazine:    My Day with Vincent Van Gogh

Fairfax Media newspapers:   Le Marais – part 1                     Le Marais – part 2

Fairfax media newspapers:   Monet’s Other Masterpiece – Giverny part 1

Monet’s Other Masterpiece – Giverny part 2

Monet’s Other Masterpiece – Giverny part 3

The Good Life France website & magazine

Your Life is a Trip website



Postcards from France

Enchantée Madame Paris

Jews, Gays and the Heavenly Marais

Chateau de Roussan

The Healing Power of Paris

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