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This is what readers are saying about “POSTCARDS from FRANCE”.

WOW!!!  I read it in one sitting! I was mesmerized.   Marilyn C – Triangle, Virginia

I have just finished reading your wonderful tale of life, travel, shopping and…food! I savoured every morsel.  Sensational effort!  I have always been affected by my environment so I was with you every footstep. Roger S – Devonport, Tasmania

I couldn’t wait to go to bed at night to get back into the trip!  Loved your descriptions of places and things. I felt that I shared your emotions and feelings and it was nice to relate to a writer that way.  Laurie Q  –  St.Louis, Missouri

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“POSTCARDS  from FRANCE” is a story of how the sensual powers of this essentially feminine country, healed a profound loss of love, identity and place. Seeking peace and joy after the death of the two most significant people in her life, the author returns to France – a place where she feels an inexplicable sense of belonging.

Here I become the person who lives inside my skin, not the person who lives inside my house and inhabits my job.” 

Stories of French experiences move through the ages of France, taking you from the sublime to the repugnant, the humourous to the poignant.

“Madame Paris sits proud and sanguine with her Mona Lisa smile, hinting at her knowledge of what has happened throughout the centuries, without judgment, without sentiment. She glances at her cobblestone streets that once ran with blood as she gestures to her elegant opulence. She flips through the dissent and the creativity with no discernable preference and mingles all that she has been and seen into an infallible sense of self.”

You will travel to some of the most enthralling villages in Provence, the best of Normandy, Brittany, the regal Loire Valley and the incomparable Paris. The author digs into the history of new and familiar parts of France for colour, context and meaning, then sends it home on postcards to herself .


I am sitting in history, in the sun-flecked shade of a plane tree that could have been planted when Mozart was learning to play piano or when Marie Antoinette was attempting to figure out her bewildering husband and king of France, Louis XVI. Remember this moment. Je suis très content.

With love, me.

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  1. “Here I become the person who lives inside my skin, not the person who lives inside my house and inhabits my job.”

    Love this quote! It comes closest to describing the “je ne sais quoi” I feel from the minute I arrive in France until the moment i must leave. I, too, was born in the wrong country!

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